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"Go ahead, keep waiting"



I hate to admit it, but the Obama campaign’s emails (particularly the subject lines) are starting to turn me off the whole campaign.

I mean, I get their point (Romney wants you to keep waiting to donate).  But it doesn’t change the fact that when I see that subject line in my inbox, I get incredibly annoyed at the passive-aggressive surliness.  It’s just begging for Jon Stewart’s guilt-tripping Jewish mother impersonation.

They need to work on their subject lines in general (they try so hard to make them sound like they’re from actual personal contacts you have, but the fact is they aren’t and will never be), as this compilation of Obama campaign email subject lines that sound like a stalker wrote them shows.

Agreed. :/

But, also…. the passive aggressiveness is kind of just part of the package don’t you think? Almost every campaign has either been extremely passive aggressive, or just downright rude and accusatory.  It’s like a lot of campaigns can’t simply say why they’re the better candidate. they have to put the other down. 

It’s not an excuse, but I just… sigh.  I wish there was a tad bit more maturity to campaigns in general. Regardless of who’s running it. :C

It’s the first time I’ve ever signed up for campaign emails, so I don’t have a basis for comparison.  Maybe those writing the emails are used to doing it that way, but it seems awfully counter-productive — I know that after that email, I definitely decided I’m not going to bother contributing any more to the campaign (unless I receive a rock-solid factual argument for how my contribution is vital to re-election).

And, I mean, come on.  This is Obama, still trying to bring back some of his ‘08 glow.  I expect better tactics from the most prominent people in his national campaign. :/

I can only hope Romney’s emails are as bitchy and creepy.