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A lovely little interview with Jon for Vanity Fair, talking about filming Rosewater, finally having proof Steve Carell is evil, and the injustice of Starz having a steady cam!


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I don’t think Jon Stewart gets nearly enough credit for his intelligent and spot-on criticism of America

last night he responded to Obama’s address on committing to go after ISIS. I didn’t know if he’d acknowledge the 9/11 anniversary as well, but he did at the end, to great effect: making the point that this kind of campaign wouldn’t have prevented the small number of planners from carrying out 9/11. and it’s sketchy to the extreme to take military action in the middle east without the support of any countries in that region; and if they don’t think it’s worth it (especially Turkey, right on ISIS’ border), what are we doing there?

other really good recent segments on ISIS which are more about comparing about how similar our paths have been:

  • ISIS Age (contains the great quote “You know, it’s shit like this that almost makes you regret destabilizing the region in the first place”)
  • Thoroughly Modern Militants (“What the fuck is wrong with these guys? You just storm into a country like Iraq, uninvited, and destroy the place? In the name of implementing your favorite system of government?”)

I think the main thing that has to end is men’s defensiveness.

Jon Stewart, talking to Senator Kirsten Gillibrand about institutionalized sexism (Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3)


maximum moment of disconnect: when The Colbert Report airs a new episode, but The Daily Show does not

it’s not a holiday week. he has guests scheduled for the next three nights. but no show on a Monday?

(seriously, Jon, are you okay)

mystery solved: he was at the Toronto Film Festival for Rosebud! Good excuse. He did a cute intro explaining why he looks so tired: “I probably should have slept.”

Jon Stewart SLAYED last night.

it’s crazy how much my anticipation of Jon Stewart’s return from a hiatus builds, especially when so much shit is going down. And of course Jon’s last show was right before American airstrikes resumed in Iraq, Michael Brown was killed, and Robin Williams died — then everything that happened after that

and Jon’s off for two freaking weeks, and I start writing his first opening monologue in my head and wait to see how much it’ll actually match

so I was certain he’d jump from all the horror stories to the ice bucket challenge, maybe with a comedic misunderstanding that the purpose is to numb people’s brains from the horror of the world

AND THEN he ends up pre-empting even the spinning globe intro with a little video of a “Ferguson protest challenge” that was so, so apt

the rest of his show, all the way until the interview, was devastatingly on point as well. I most admire him when he uses a gag to pack in numerous stories (especially ones that aren’t getting as much attention) and make a larger point — in this case, how NOWHERE in America is it safe right now to just be a black man standing around. And also the infuriating compilation of clips from Fox News, stuff I’d managed to avoid and that make me SO ANGRY — he had some very cutting rejoinders for those, too. also Michael Che is doing well.

John Oliver won’t be your therapist: How he torpedoed the reassuring tropes of fake news

So I saw this with a different summary elsewhere, more aggressively phrased about how John Oliver was “schooling” Stewart and Colbert, which set my teeth on edge, as do headlines/summaries that are so blatantly attention-seeking.

The article itself doesn’t overshoot quite so much, but there is this reaction to John’s segment last Sunday about the payday loan racket:

This was precisely the kind of story that would never appear on a fake news show. First, because it’s not part of the idiotic news cycle that most of those shows wind up aping (i.e., there’s no “hook”). And second, because it happens to be about the segment of our population most underrepresented in the media: poor people.

Um, no. To point to just one example from this year, Jon Stewart did this powerful segment (be sure to watch the second half that automatically follows) about Fox News’ outrage that poor people use food stamps to eat seafood. “What’s with the fucking fish?”

I’m glad that John’s format on HBO lets him tackle larger issues in such an in-depth way, and yes it does let him do things that Jon and Stephen can’t do as easily, but it’s not exactly a refutation of “fake news.” I disagree with the author that Jon and Stephen are more of “court jesters” looking to ease our pain with laughter. I regularly leave their shows with plenty of outrage over what’s going on, glad to be informed. 

Besides, the whole premise is a little ludicrous since John hasn’t done fifteen episodes yet, while Jon’s been at his show for sixteen years and Stephen for nine.

Robin Williams on The Daily Show

I don’t know why the Daily Show doesn’t have these listed on their homepage right now, like they did after Heath Ledger’s death… anyway, here are Robin Williams’ appearances:

  • 2002: part 1, part 2 - talking about Rumsfeld and the drive toward the Iraq War; one of his latest movies; and the Tour de France (back when people cheered on Lance Armstrong)
  • 2006 - promoting RV, then more Bush-bashing, Schwarzenegger, and living in California
  • 2010 - onto Sarah Palin; his recent heart surgery; and the site’s description is “Robin Williams suggests doing a little research before putting bottles of vodka and tequila in his gift basket.”
  • 2013 - bike riding in NYC; more about his struggle with addictions, and relapse, and his new sobriety; and he complimented Jon’s yet-unreleased film