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(this is not real life. these are not pictures of me. I am 20-something years old and a woman and passionate about politics and fanfiction and, as far as you are concerned, I only exist online.)


Jon was on point last night, and his opening segment with his correspondents screaming at him every time he mentioned Israel, was a really great model of the insane commentary going on right now

(I particularly liked Jordan screaming, “SELF-HATING JEW!”)

The Daily Show last night was devastatingly well done, though I didn’t laugh much. The blatant xenophobia and disgustingly eager politicization and distortion on display in the media (particularly Fox News, of course) is just so goddamn ugly, it makes me sick to be in the same world as these people. But Jon got in some devastating hits:

"If you’re looking for a bearded guy who’s killed a lot of Americans —" *points at Lincoln Memorial*

Steve Doocy: “[Bergdahl’s] father told him, right before he went missing, to ‘Obey your conscience’ — which sounds, to some, like whatever you want to do, go ahead.”
Jon: “Yeah, sure, it sounds that way to some…specifically to those who don’t know what a conscience is.”

Part two is here, this is actually a continuous segment. Part two covers the horrible reaction to Bergdahl’s father speaking Pashto. I just. Why can’t anyone point out that Muslims have died for this country, too.

But thankfully Jon concluded with the contrast of the latest shooting (by white folks, natch, claiming alliance with Clive Bundy), in Las Vegas:

"Oh, well, don’t worry about that. Because we just need to protect this country from terrorists…with beards."

And part three tears apart the astounding hubris of “I would have done this better.”

June 2, 2014 - Robert De Niro

Jon’s back!  And he returned with two excellent segments addressing two issues I feel particularly strongly about: gun control and those anti-vaccine fuckers.

"So let’s pretend this current VA crisis is a current anomaly created by one unusually callous and ineffective president, but that would be just pretend. Or, on this Memorial Day weekend eve, we can finally admit that America has had for over 200 years a great bipartisan tradition of honoring those who have fought for our freedom by fucking them over once they give their guns back." 

Fifty years from now, when historians are explaining why Jon Stewart had the influence and respect he had in the first part of the 21st century, this segment with its compacted history lesson will be included among their examples.

Seriously, this Memorial’s Day, consider sharing this video with any veterans you know.

This is why I like O’Reilly. He’s like Fox News’ Incredible Hulk. Sure — usually just a mindlessly aggressive force of destruction, but pointed in the right direction…he becomes a hero.

Jon Stewart

Timothy Geithner Extended Interview

If you have 40 minutes to spare, this is an example of Jon Stewart at his best.

He excels at many things, but one of my favorites of his skills is when he settles in for the long haul and focuses all of his intelligence in engaging and dismantling his opponent’s argument. And this is a particularly good example because it’s not super-hostile, like when he’s interviewing some Republicans; Geithner isn’t even all that defensive, he’s kinda apologetic, in fact (“you’re a smart, thoughtful guy, and a lot of people agree with you”). Jon comes off as so sharp in this interview, though, it’s kind of erotic.

Geithner: “There was a lot of fancy stuff that contributed to the crash, whatever you want to call it —”
Jon: “Derivatives.”

Geithner: “I was a civil servant at the Treasury, on the international part, and I grew up watching these crises happen…watching, frankly, countries screw it up by trying to either not take too much risk or not letting the financial sector make mistakes. They were well-intentioned mistakes, but still mistakes —”

Jon: “No, I understand the idea that you apply the Powell doctrine of overwhelming force in terms of re-liquidating and re-capitalizing the banks.”

Geithner: “Only because, scarred by experience, it was the only way to give people a measure of justice against the risk of a much worse outcome. Now I understand you think it would be possible to do that and some other things too, but you’re assuming a unicorn, because you’re assuming somehow we could have figured out a way to get Congress to go legislate hundreds of billions of dollars directly to the homeowners -“

Jon: “Well, the only reason why I say that is because, somehow, a unicorn did appear for the banks. And somehow, a mythical creature arose out of nowhere and presented them with billions and billions of dollars out of nowhere. Poof.

Ahahaha, omg, the conclusion:

Jon: “I sat next to Donald Rumsfeld for a long time, talking about the Iraq War.”

Geithner: “This can’t be good. This is deeply unfair.”

Jon: “No, it’s not unfair.”

Geithner: “I should stop you right now.”

Jon: “You’re troubled, and you’re searching for answers, and I disagree with your conclusion. I think that there’s an awful lot you can do within statutory limits, when you have checks you are writing that are that large — that being said: at least when I look behind your eyes, there is something moving back there. And when I looked behind his eyes, after the Iraq War, he was just like, ‘This was fun. I was thinking about invading another country, wanna hear about that?’”

If I was looking to fear for my life in a fast-food restaurant, I’d go to Arby’s. BOOM! …Take that, inexplicable hatred of a restaurant that’s never been anything but pleasant to me.

Jon Stewart was highly entertaining last night — just fun to watch, with a v. amusing diatribe against Philadelphia

Jon Stewart interviewed James McAvoy last night

and his first question was why they didn’t use Kitty Pryde for X-Men: Days of Future Past

McAvoy’s response, of course, was “because HUGH JACKMAN”

sigh. But I’m really glad Jon asked, anyway

(Part 2 is above — Part 1 here)

I like how Jon addresses really difficult, non-funny issues, like the kidnapping of the Nigerian schoolgirls. Often after a tragedy, he won’t mention the story at all for a few weeks, not until there’s something about the response (whether official or in the media) to critique, and then he does that really, really well, to drive home a greater poignant truth about the world and the specific tragedy.

After playing footage of Boko Haram’s macho posturing:

"You guys are trying so hard to convince everybody that you’re such badasses. But all you’ve done with this kidnapping is hire who the real badasses are: the kids you’ve kidnapped. Compared to a teenager who knows that her desire for an education could get her dragged into a snake-infested jungle to be sold as a bride by some demented, stick-chewing cartoon villain, but still gets up and goes to class every day, fully aware of that danger — compared to their courage, I’d say Boko Haram is a bunch of little girls. But you know what? You don’t deserve that compliment."

John Oliver talks 'The Daily Show,' Colbert & his new HBO series

Ahhhh my favorite TV writer is interviewing my favorite British person/second-favorite comedian (bolding is mine)

How he found out he was hosting The Daily Show:

[Jon] called me one weekend early last year and, you know, I knew that he’d been writing this script for a while. I knew he’d been writing the script for a while, and he said they had the money to do it and he was going to direct it. He said, “I’m gonna need to take a few months off. Would you host for me over the summer?” And I said yes without thinking about it really, because I’ll say yes to anything he asks me. And then he said, “We’ll talk about it in the next few months and that was it.” I hung up, and then my wife said, “What was that?” And it was only when I said it out loud to her that I realized what I’d just agreed to. I said, “I’m gonna guest host for Jon over the summer.” And she goes, (skeptical) “Really?” So there were some initial waves of panic, that’s for sure. And then it was just months of doing my regular job, which doesn’t really give much time for thought about other things. And then it all happened very fast. He left on Thursday and the Edward Snowden story broke the next day. So there wasn’t much time for my feet to hit the ground, which is probably a good thing.

man, I never imagined it had been over the phone…I was sure the conversation had been in person.

On his last night at The Daily Show, when Jon surprised him with a best-of-John-Oliver reel:

I was completely blindsided. And I’m British. I don’t really have access to my emotions on a daily basis. It was a tough day. I was not ready to leave that show. I knew I should. But there was no real reason to leave, in my heart, because it was the happiest I’ve ever been in a job. I just knew that I should do something else. I should take the skills that I’d learned and use them in a different capacity. So it was a very very difficult day. Then he sprung this surprise on me in playing these clips. I was still alright. I don’t know if it was actually audible, after the last beat, he could see I was getting upset, he leaned in and said, “Are you okay?” And that just finished me. And that just finished me. It was such a microcosm of how caring he’s been to me over a decade, and always checking in about how I’m feeling and if I’m doing okay. Even over the summer, when he had no time — he’s on the other side of the world directing a movie — he still checked in just to make sure that I was feeling okay with everything and to give advice. It was a really, really emotional day. I was not planning to cry like a little girl, although I did.

oh my God, my heart. The relationship my favorite people have is threatening to kill me dead.

Discussing American issues that make zero sense to him as a British person, and the quintessential American dream for a ten-million-dollar estate before you die:

Particularly things like the estate tax. Which doesn’t make sense to me. But here’s the innate American hope for the future where people think, “Well, I don’t want there to be tax on estates bigger than ten million dollars because one day I’m gonna have an estate of ten million dollars and I don’t want it to be taxed.” And that is a fundamental difference. That hope becomes kryptonite in a sense then, because it kind of stops any good legislation from getting passed for the greater good. But a British person has kind of given up a bit. How on earth is it the popular thing to do to not tax the richest people in the country? How do they get away with that? You need to understand the people think that’s going to happen to them. So it’s ending their future hypothetical earnings. And, you know, you don’t want to come across like a British talent show judge, but you don’t want to say, “Yeah, but it’s not gonna work out.”

And it seems that John is under the impression that no one watches Community, omg:

I love that show. I wish more people watched it. I’d never done a pilot before. That’s the only (acting) part I’d done. And I was always under the assumption that pilots don’t get made, so I just did it because I like Dan Harmon and I like Joe (Russo). I thought it would be fun to see what America sitcoms are like — just like a glimpse into that world. Then it got picked up. I think it’s a really funny show. And I think it’s much more accessible than people think. I just wish more people watched it. It’s such a shame.



Waaaaah, Stephen dropped by The Daily Show last night!

It is seriously such a treat every time we get to see him and Jon interact, with all the history and affection between them. It’s seriously impossible for them not to make each other crack up at some point, as they try to do a bit.

It’s particularly interesting to hear them chat about the end of the Colbert Report without Stephen breaking character (the months are counting down, now, until the character disappears forever), and therefore refusing to acknowledge why or the honor of The Late Show (“they already gave the part to some fat guy”).

im going to truly miss their moments…

What i’m looking forward to is when Stephen visits the show after he starts The Late Show…because he has to, at some point. I wonder if that’ll be the first time we see the real Colbert on that set.  

Or else it’ll be whenever Jon visits as a guest on The Late Show. :)